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Ke$ha is an extremely popular pop-whore. She lingers around in the music business creating some of the wackiest songs with a silly accent that we all love to hate. Her real name is actually Kesha Rose Sebert and she is most famous for her latest creations “Tick Tock”, “Warrior” and some other wacky songs. I think it’s safe to say that she deserves a top spot on naked celebrity because she doesn’t belong in the music business at all.

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What do you think of this? Do these pictures make up for the horrible songs she forced us to hear? Or is she a no good trailer trash whore? We definitely would like to hear your opinion, so please do share your opinion below.

New Rihanna nude pictures released! Taken by Melissa Forde…

Rihanna loves this type of publicity. First all the drama with pop-singer Chris Brown, who was supposed to be her bangin’ boyfriend a while back. Then the beef they had with each other that ended up in bruising… and NOW the super hot Rihanna nude pictures taken by the one and only Melissa Forde. There’s no stopping with this girl and she seems to enjoy her sexbomb title.

She wears nothing but a see-through bra in these pictures. Definitely some nice material for the eyes and that thing below. Gets the blood flowing for sure! Enjoy.

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Nicki Minaj sextape leaked?!

The rumours are there’s a Nicki Minaj sextape out and this seemed to have catched fire. This woman is known for her big booty and her skanky songs where she produces a pile of lyrical ass-munch on a killer beat. She is often confused as the black barbie as she acts like one for I don’t know what reason. Some people love her for what she does and others hate to love her, but either way it’s good.

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Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal released!

This teenage superstar has reached fame till unknown levels. She rose to fame as Gabriella in High School Musical and it went from there. She released some nude photos where she posed in lingerie a while back and it blew up like a train saying choo, chooh! She protested against and claims to be severely damaged by the release of these photos, yet every celebrity blogger has written about it and made her more popular than she already was. I think it’s a publicity stunt and will stick by that conclusion. Have something to say? Then leave a comment below.

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